Rise Associates

Regeneration in the south and east

About RISE

RISE regeneration consultants specialise in research and analysis in the South-east, London and East of England. The focus is on services for regeneration programmes.

RISE aims to deliver excellence and value for money on planning, transport and environment issues, programme management and all aspects of sustainability.

Sarah Bissett Scott, the lead consultant, is a regeneration professional and chartered town planner, experienced in programme management, writing policy documents, and advising on sustainable development.

Sarah is currently working on her doctoral thesis with Anglia Ruskin University on spatial justice and regeneration, a topic which emerges from her interest in people and places, and philosophy.

Her case study researches regeneration in North Kensington by measuring outcomes at poiints over a 30 year time span, with images from Sarah's 1976 gallery of photographs as well as reports and data from that time.

The Notting Hill images and publications can be viewed online at RISE Gallery - or email Sarah direct.